Friday, 16 March 2012

Welcome to The Brain Geek! Interested in learning about the brain? You’re at the right place!

We all look like this on the inside.
This is where I’m going to talk about interesting brainy factoids like:
  • How to grow a brain.
  • How the brain controls muscles.
  • How memories work.
  • What’s a neuron?
  • What’s up with dreams anyway?

If you have a question about the brain, send it to me! I’ll try and answer it as best I can.


  1. What are the things that are like intestines?

  2. Hi Kiban,

    Those are the gyri (singular: gyrus) and sulci (singular: sulcus). The gyri are the ridges, and the sulci are the folds.

    The purpose of the gyri and sulci is to increase the surface area of your brain. The surface of your brain is covered with neurons. The more neurons you have, the more processing power you have. More folds means more surface area, which means more brain and more neurons. If you were to flatten out all those folds, the result would be as big as a full page of a newspaper. Because of the gyri and sulci, more neurons can fit inside your skull than if the surface of the brain was flat.